SBS has a corporate culture that is known for going above and beyond for not only our clients but our employees. Nowhere in business world will you find a more trustworthy and efficient company to service all of your Businesses needs.

One of the cornerstones of Supreme’s success in New York over the last 25 years has been our ability to recognize and implement the latest technologies to increase efficiency and cut costs. We were the first messenger service to utilize the industry standard of two-way radios, provide customers with email notifications, and provide online order placement. In keeping with this practice, Supreme Systems now features GPS tracking that provides exact geographic locations and not simply points of delivery. With this technology we will be able to provide you with the most exact ETA’s and precise logistical information available on the New York and tri-state messenger and courier market today.

Real Time Signature Capture

With the ability to provide actual signature to customers and not simply a text version of the signee’s name, Supreme is pushing technology to the forefront of our industry that is not being used by the competition, even the largest national delivery services. Issues of authenticity or incorrectly delivered items are virtually eliminated as the same signature you use to execute contracts and fill out checks will be used to ensure your deliveries are handled with the same level of security and care as your bank or doctor. Once again, Supreme is setting the pace for the competition and after 25 years it does not seem like they will be catching up anytime soon.

Storage, distribution, pick and pack, and consolidation of goods

Variety of options to handle same day trucking deliveries.

Specializing in transactional mail automation, shipping & receiving

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